Voices Inside/Out is a hit at NYC Festival

We thank Hunter Canning for these beautiful photos of A Brother’s Love Is A Brother’s Love by Troy Hughes (directed by Lydia Fort) and Objectify by Derek Trumbo (directed by Mary Hodges). Both plays wowed audiences at the 2nd Annual Bad Theater Fest. And these productions marked the world premieres of these plays.
Brothers Love_08web
Featuring Gil Charleston, Donnell E. Smith & Jonathan Hooks
Brothers Love_14web
Featuring Gil Charleston, Jonathan Hooks & Donnell E. Smith
Brothers Love_18web
A Brother’s Love Is A Brother’s Love Creative Team: Gil Charleston, Jonathan Hooks, Lydia Fort & Donnell E. Smith
Here are photos from OBJECTIFY:
Featuring: Tiffany Nichole Greene (foreground), Background: Tareek Brown, Mary Hodges, Timothy Hampton & Galway McCullough
Featuring: Tareek Brown, Mary Hodges, Tiffany Nichole Green, Timothy Hampton & Galway McCullough
Objectify Creative Team: Tareek Brown, Timothy Hampton, Tiffany Nichole Green, Mary Hodges, Lorna Haughton & Galway McCullough
A big thank you to Starr and Shawn at the Bad Theater Fest (Joan too). We had a fun time presenting these plays. And a shout out to Deadria Harrington for her help with casting and the Women’s Project for rehearsal space.

‘Ghost and a Soda’ Premieres to Raves in NYC

Ghost and a Soda – the existential comedy created during Mel Nieves 2013 playwriting residency – was a big hit at the Bad Theater Fest last evening. The play was born from the “Chopped” exercise Mel had the circle do – read more about it here – and this take on the concept has shades of Sartre and Jeff Foxworthy. I bet you never expected to hear those two names in the same sentence, but somehow the play works.


We were lucky that Advisory Board member Montserrat Mendez directed Kristin Cantwell, Chris Pope alongside two actors who have been a part of the prison program – Noelia Antweiler and Eric Hedlund – in this fast paced romp. What a dream team.