These extraordinary artists have made Voices Inside/Out soar. They have dedicated their time and talents to the program. We cannot thank them enough.

Jonathan Ames, Ashlie Atkinson, Laurence Blum, David Brown Jr., De Ron Campbell, Ron Canada, Louis Cancelmi, Gil Charleston, Michael Chernus, Tino Christopher, Jeff Clyburn, Michael Criscuolo, Orietta Crispino, Christian Davidock, Drena De Niro, Matt Dickson, Jeremy Dobrish, Kwaku Driskell, Erma Duricko, David Elliott, Peter Jay Fernandez, John Finn, Four O’Clock Flowers, Matt Golden, Erica Gould, Mary Hodges, Emily King Brown, Kyle Knauf, Maggie Lally, Padraic Lillis, Clinton Lowe, Michael Markham, Will Manning, Jerry Matz, Curtis McClaren, Tracy Middendorf, Eric T. Miller, Randy Noojin, Amelia Pedlow, Byron C. Saunders, Teddy Sears, David Sedgwick, Michael Shannon, Gabriel Sloyer, Norman Small, Valerie Stanford, Greg Stuhr, Danielle Thomsen, Gaye Taylor Upchurch, Doug Wamble, Jordana Williams, Sean Williams & Sheldon Woodley.


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